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6.4 Million Israelis Data Exposed By Netanyahu’s Party

A misconfiguration in an election day app developed by Likud, the party of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, may have potentially exposed and compromised the personal details of almost 6,5 million Israeli citizens.

6.4 million Israelis data exposed by Netanyahu’s party

It is unclear if the exposed server and data was harvested by unauthorized parties before Bar-Zik's discovery and public disclosure. Local Israeli media like Haaretz, Calcalist, and Ynet confirmed Bar-Zik's findings.

France has many laws protecting the workers from their employers, this is true. And Fillon is indeed planning to weaken, or suppress some of those.The parliamentary elections are scheduled right after the presdential election, so the winning party usually has a majority. If Fillon wins the presidential, his party will without a doubt get a majority in the parliament.However, the more liberal propositions of Fillon will without a doubt cause a huge uproar if he does try to pass them (some in his own party are already asking for cuts in his program). There will be monster demonstrations and strikes. Even the current, center left govt had to deal with big protests when they passed some moderately liberal laws on work conditions. With Fillon extremely liberal propositions, it will be a million times worse. It could really be chaos.

Network Propaganda challenges that received wisdom through the most comprehensive study yet published onmedia coverage of American presidential politics from the start of the election cycle in April 2015 to theone year anniversary of the Trump presidency.Analysing millions of news stories together with Twitter and Facebook shares, broadcast television andYouTube, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the architecture of contemporary American politicalcommunications.Through data analysis and detailed qualitative case studies of coverage of immigration, Clinton scandals,and the Trump Russia investigation, the book finds that the right-wing media ecosystem operatesfundamentally differently than the rest of the media environment.


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