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Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox 720p Downloadl

Lets be real for a second -- this event, the Flashpoint-referenced reboot of the DC Universe, really is "Flashpoint" only for the people who know more about Flashpoint than I do. Its characters, plot, and themes do not really translate to anything other than "Justice League" fans, since it revolves around Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Which is to say, it's fine. It's a fun time, and a little silly, but it works quite well, and now we'll have this in DC's cinematic line-up. --Chris Arrant, Film School Rejects

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox 720p Downloadl

In Flashpoint, a time traveling Flash uses a quantum singularity to erase the universe and everything in it, except his loved ones and Batman and Wonder Woman. The resulting paradox is devastating for Flash, who loses all of his powers. This causes a catastrophic tragedy, with no one being able to tell anyone, other than Batman, what has happened.

The story has some good ideas, and some things that are straight up silly, with characters from The Silver Age of Comics (If you dont know what that is, then I really have no idea what the hell you are talking about), Cyborg came from a universe where he watched his family die, and his girlfriend was dying of cancer. Batman had an extremely homophobic father who forced him to become a hero, and his boyfriend was a terrible athlete. After Flashpoint erased the universe, we get to follow Flash, Nightwing, Cyborg, and Wonder Womans father, a by-the-book police officer, to fight off the evil Flashpoint corrupted League of Assassins.

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