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The first rule of the bend region is to have no vias in the region or even the immediate vicinity. Vias are like little I-beams through the z-axis that act to stiffen the flex. Flexing them against their will causes them to crack and fail. When an FPC is bent, there is compression of the inner side of the bend and elongation on the outer side. Something has to give. The most reliable place for routing is right in the middle of the stack-up.

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The edge of the flex material should have a copper line that serves as a tear stop to prevent any cracks from propagating to the signal traces. This is especially critical on any inside bends of the outline. It is common to have a flexible area just after the connector where the outline gets wider to accommodate the connector. That creates an inside bend at exactly the wrong spot. All of the traces are being funnelled into the flex zone.

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