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Grammar Of The Film Language - Daniel Arijon

Introduction to filmmaking practice and theory in the director perspective. First introduction to film history, narrative, gender, conventions and film grammar. The learning practice of film and video covers the three stages that mainly define filmmaking: pre-production, production and post-production. The student's should prove a creative attitude, critical consciousness of the potential and limits of the media used and the components of the video-cinematography.

grammar of the film language - daniel arijon

Introduction on the main aspects of audiovisual approach. Video and film defined as a blend of visual, sound and verbal arts. Fiction and documentary as main perspectives of reality and imaginary approachs. 1. Conception and film production Pre-production, production and post production. Film writing, film grammar, montage and continuity 2. Technical and technological aspects Camera work, recording sound, editing video and audio. Editing as a film narrative technique 3. Analysis of film and video Shot sequence and the use of color and light in a dramatic sense Mise-en-scene in space and time Linear narrative and non-linear narrative, synchronous and asynchronous narrative 4. Film history, documentary and fiction (narrative in time and space). From classic film to avant-garde film-video. Motion Graphics.


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