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How can I add an extension without creating an account? Is Mozilla able to remotely remove extensions from collections/amo, and will this automatically uninstall extensions from user browsers? Do you foresee Mozilla using this kind of control to eg fix compatibility problems? Are you planning to use information about collections used with nightlies to eg prioritize recommended extensions?

Android Collections

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> Is Mozilla able to remotely remove extensions from collections/amo, and will this automatically uninstall extensions from user browsers? Do you foresee Mozilla using this kind of control to eg fix compatibility problems?

In the absence of an explicit collection viaGC.Collect()collections are on demand, based upon heap allocations. This is nota reference counting system; objects will not be collected as soon asthere are no outstanding references, or when a scope has exited. TheGC will run when the minor heap has run out of memory for newallocations. If there are no allocations, it will not run.

Minor collections are cheap and frequent, and are used to collectrecently allocated and dead objects. Minor collections are performedafter every few MB of allocated objects. Minor collections may bemanually performed by callingGC.Collect (0)

Major collections are expensive and less frequent, and are used toreclaim all dead objects. Major collections are performed once memoryis exhausted for the current heap size (before resizing the heap).Major collections may be manually performed by callingGC.Collect ()or by callingGC.Collect (int)with the argumentGC.MaxGeneration.

Android runtime collections operate normally, but with a caveat: a JNIglobal reference is treated as a GC root. Consequently, if there is aJNI global reference holding onto an Android runtime VM object, theobject cannot be collected, even if it's otherwise eligible forcollection.

Peer objects are logically present within both the Android runtime and MonoVM's. For example, anAndroid.App.Activitymanaged peer instance will have a peer Java instance. All objects that inherit fromJava.Lang.Objectcan be expected to have representations within both VMs.

Minor collections may be manually performed by callingGC.Collect(0).Minor collections are cheap (when compared to major collections), butdo have a significant fixed cost, so you don't want to trigger them toooften, and should have a pause time of a few milliseconds.

soft-heap-limit = size : The target maximum managed memoryconsumption for the app. When memory use is below the specifiedvalue, the GC is optimized for execution time (fewer collections).Above this limit, the GC is optimized for memory usage (morecollections).

When you delete a document, Cloud Firestore does not automaticallydelete the documents within itssubcollections. You can still access the subcollection documents by reference.For example, you can access the document at path/mycoll/mydoc/mysubcoll/mysubdoc evenif you delete the ancestor document at /mycoll/mydoc.

To delete an entire collection or subcollection in Cloud Firestore,retrieve all the documents within the collection or subcollection and deletethem. If you have larger collections, you may want to delete the documents insmaller batches to avoid out-of-memory errors. Repeat the process until you'vedeleted the entire collection or subcollection.

Deleting a collection requires coordinating an unbounded number ofindividual delete requests. If you need to delete entire collections, do so onlyfrom a trusted server environment. While it is possible to delete a collectionfrom a mobile/web client, doing so has negative security and performance implications.

The snippets below are somewhat simplified and do not deal with error handling,security, deleting subcollections, or maximizing performance. To learn moreabout one recommended approach to deleting collections in production, seeDeleting Collections and Subcollections.

Functionally, the new interface doesn't appear to change a lot, though. You can create a new collection and move items between collections, you get automatic lists from your Favorites and Google Maps lists, but you still can't search through your items or share an entire collection (why, Google, why?!). Cody's teardown had unveiled more functionality with Collections, like the ability to choose a cover photo, add a description to a collection, and have automatic lists for recipes, videos, jobs, and more. Oh and in his teardown, the individual note field for each saved item appeared to be gone. But since Collections haven't rolled to our own accounts, we can't test to verify if those changes are already live or not.

Splits original collection into pair of collections, where the first collection contains elements for which the predicate returned true,while the second collection contains elements for which the predicate returned false.

Why can't I see my private collections on my android phone and android Tab. I have spent a day uploading photos to Flickr because I got fed up with not being able to sort my albums in Google photos. I thought Flickr was the answer to sorting my albums but now when I look at Flickr on my phone and Tablet, the collections can't be found just albums which is useles. I have over 200 albums and can't be forever scrolling through albums lookking for the one I want.Posted at 2:12PM, 14 September 2015 PST(permalink)

kmacgray:You need to use the full desktop site on your device.An if You don't like the full desktop site on your android tab You can try This is the mobile version of the site and it allows to access collections.Posted 90 months ago.( permalink)

Fanatastic, so it isn't any better than Google! You say I can see my collections using I can't. Yes, I can find Collections and it shows the two collections that I have set up already but when i click on either of them it says:Page not found. Sorry:(and that is it so back to looking for something where I can organise my photographs in a manner so that I can easily find what I am looking for. I suppose I could use the full desktop version but on my mobile this is going to be awkward. I don't understand why people design Apps that don't have the functionality that many people want i.e. the same viewing capabilities as on the desktop version.Posted 90 months ago.( permalink)

I have now found a workaround that solves my problem. Unlike Google Photos, I can organise my albums so having uploaded them, I can sort into order. The date that the photographs were taken doesn't help as there are several thousand scanned photographs up to 150 years old - the photos NOT the scans! I can delete any collections already created and re-create them dragging albums in the reverse order that I want them. Thus having numbered every album and knowing roughly what number I am looking for, I can quickly find the album that I am looking for. Doesn't help the fact that Collections doesn't work on 90 months ago.( permalink)

dickandpam_everard:Doesn't help the fact that Collections doesn't work on me collections basically work on The only weird thing is that for one collection no mosaic is shown on although it is shown on the desktop version.Posted 90 months ago.( permalink)

I havet the same problem, everything sorted into collections but I can't see them in the app. Anyone know a different app that will show collections? For me it doesnt work, 90 months ago.( permalink)

Backdrops is the go-to app for many looking to change up their Android wallpaper beyond stock images. The Backdrops app has recently taken on a new look in its latest Android update, complete with a new design style and a new collections page that makes finding wallpapers a little easier.

In addition, the app has a newly designed Collections page with sets of images split into three different tiers. Users will be able to find images in the Pro, Free, or Premium Collection sets. The Free Collections section is, of course, free to peruse through and download images from. The Pro set of collections, however, requires a paid membership. Even if you did have a Pro account, the Premium Collection is a pay-per-pack type of deal, with each individual collection costing money. These collections generally consist of about 20-30 images.

If you run the snippet above, you should see the numbers printed out. This is because all true collections override toString(). Additionally, you can use the square brackets syntax to access the values.

Iterating through maps is a bit different from the rest of Kotlin collections. Since maps have two objects for each element, you have to iterate over pairs, instead of single values. You can do this in the following way:

Kotlin collections have to be interoperable with Java. Because of this, they revolve around the usage of the same concrete types when it comes to each collection type. For example, maps can be HashMap or a LinkedHashMap.

Some apps allow you to share your collections publicly. However, you can choose to keep them private. If you're worried about storing your collection on a cloud-based app, use an app that doesn't require a login. Without a login, your data is only stored locally, and you're free to store your backup wherever you want.

The Department of Public Works is pleased to once again offer our residents a trash collection calendar for their smart devices.The calendar contains information on which recycling zone is being picked up each week, special collections and holiday or weather delays. Never miss a collection again!


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