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Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide To Routers !FULL!

With the proliferation of table-mounted routers in the woodshop, most woodworkers have never experienced the power and precision that a stationary shaper has to offer. In addition to a quiet, vibration-free cut, the shaper allows you to surpass the capabilities of the router by offering wider, deeper cuts, production runs, and custom moldings. In this book, author Lonnie Bird demonstrates how versatile and extremely productive the shaper can be. You'll see that the shaper, with its vast assortment of cutter heads, fences and jigs, can handle a wide variety of woodworking applications. Regardless of your level of woodworking, the shaper can increase the quality and efficiency of your work, and it can broaden the scope of your woodworking. More than just a primer on shaper techniques, this book gives shop-proven examples of how the shaper can be put to use. With an emphasis on safety, this book is a step-by-step guide that will teach you all about the shaper: from basic setups to cutting curved molding profiles to designing shaper jigs that will expand your woodworking potential.

Taunton's complete illustrated guide to routers

There is no more complete guide to the most versatile tool in the woodworker's shop than this book. The Router Book covers it all -- from the tool's wide range of uses to tips for maintaining it in the best condition. Router expert Pat Warner sorts through the great variety of tools on the market and offers sound, practical advice on choosing the right router for every woodworker's needs. Ideal for anyone who owns, or is thinking of buying, a router, this book covers bits, accessories, and a wide variety of routers, and surveys the router's many uses -- from edge work to cutting joinery.

With a router in hand, you can accomplish almost any woodworking task! In addition to basic trimming and edging work, routers can be used to smooth surfaces, cut grooves, and even make joints. Woodworkers of all skill levels will appreciate the concise instructions and detailed techniques, as well as the more than 150 color photographs and diagrams. There's professional advice for choosing and buying equipment and accessories, using cutters, controlling dust, and lots more. Using jigs is one of the keys to unlocking the router's potential, and their applications are discussed in great depth, including housing jigs, trammel jigs, and finger-joint jigs. Other featured topics are using a template and guidebrush, mortise and tenon joinery, and doing table routing.

Woodworkers of all levels will benefit from the practical, time-tested information in this lavishly illustrated, comprehensive routing guide. Expert woodworker Anthony Bailey covers all aspects of this essential tool: how to select the proper router and improve accuracy; how to do both freehand and table routing; and how to make 20 jigs and templates. Instructions for eight useful and attractive projects include a doll's house, a chessboard, a roller-front bread bin, and more.

The bandsaw is a woodworking favourite and the workhorse of any workshop. Craftsmen and women turn to this practical tool for a wide array of tasks - cutting curves, ripping stock, making a variety of useful joints, using guides and templates and transforming thick boards into veneer. Now woodworkers can learn to make the most of their bandsaw in this valuable addition to the acclaimed Complete Illustrated Guide library. The format is highly visual; covering all there is to know about working with a bandsaw from basic uses to some of the most advanced techniques, including shaping operations and sophisticated joinery. Safety and bandsaw maintenance complete this essential guide.

A comprehensive, completely up-to-date guide to one of the most versatile tools in a woodshop Bandsaw Book Furniture Making by Lonnie Bird, furniture maker and owner of the Lonnie Bird woodworking school. 041b061a72


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