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[S4E17] Hate Me Now

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:I hate when Lorelai acts like she has no idea what's going on when Jason gives her a key to his apartment. I'm immediately reminded why their relationship works because he's just as obnoxious. Instead of immediately clarifying and just saying something like, "Our relationship is going well and I'd like you to have a key to my place," he fumbles around like a clueless little boy who has never expressed vulnerability before.

[S4E17] Hate Me Now


I hated my freshman year roommate and never once invited her to dinner, let alone on a vacation in another state. I guess the rationale is that Janet doesn't want to be alone with Glen, "a guy who's bummed that he got turned down by that German cannibal." Armin Meiwes, a man who killed and ate a voluntary victim that he found via the Internet, is the cannibal in question. At one point, Meiwes severed the victim's penis and then they both tried to eat it. If that's how Glen rolls, whatever ... at least he's not a rapist.

Alas, Applejack goes back to check on Apple Bloom, who's just finished all of Applejack's inane chores. When Applejack gives Apple Bloom a jumpscare and causes her to make a small mess in the kitchen, Applejack decides that she's not going anywhere! You know what I just realized? I kinda hate Applejack in this episode. Like, I'm not going to criticize her for taking the Twilight approach to over-obsessive panic, although that's a legitimate complaint this episode has earned, but rather for two much simpler reasons: 1) Applejack's behavior is imbecilic given all the things Apple Bloom is allowed to do as I've mentioned before. Not only for the "continuity errors" if you can even call them that, but for the fact that she's abandoning her delivery and therefore her paycheck for aimless indulgence. 2) This is the same plotline from "Bridle Gossip", a much shittier episode. It's with season four that we start seeing these rehashed storylines that involve the main characters learning the same lessons they did in the previous three seasons. We saw this in "Rainbow Falls", "Filli Vanilli", and we're also seeing it here. Applejack learned in "Bridle Gossip" not to treat her little sister like a vegetable that can't take care of herself, and we're retreading the same grounds except now it's even moreso the main focus of the episode. Anyways, point is, because Applejack's had to go through this bullshit arc before, her revamping it here is tired and adds to the dis-likability (if that's even a fucking word) of her portrayal. So, as you might imagine, big sister is watching.

Applejack's manic-obsessive protectiveness goes to intense extremes, like having Apple Bloom wear a helmet, putting pillows over anything that's sharp, making Apple Bloom wear a helmet, putting plastic clingwrap on everything, and forcing Apple Bloom to wear two helmets. My tolerance of Applejack has graduated from hate to pure annoyance. My advice to Apple Bloom is to find the nearest turret and let a rip on her ass. In times of desperation, Apple Bloom calls upon her Cutie Mark Crusader pals to help her figure a way out of this mess. Scootaloo cracks the code: she and Sweetie Belle take turns pretending to be Apple Bloom in bed sleeping, while the real Bapple Loom goes out and delivers that cart of pies to their destination. That way, she can prove to Applejack that she doesn't need her watching over her. It's so brilliant, they start to break out into SONG!

Now, I say pretty crap because I don't necessarily hate this episode like I'm sure some other people do. It's still, however, a poorly written spectacle. First of all, the plot of this episode has already been done before with "Bridle Gossip", with Applejack being overprotective of Apple Bloom. The circumstances were slightly different, but the story is essentially the same, right down to Apple Bloom's repetitive dialogue such as "I can take care of myself". Therefore, the plot's already been done before and Applejack had already supposedly learned her lesson. Secondly, Applejack herself is an unlikable annoying prick in this story. The way she incessantly smiles and does those kiddish chuckles every time Apple Bloom tries to do something for herself or one of her baby-proof contraptions is pointed out is irritating. It's honestly like watching someone lose brain cells. In fact, I'm sure I've lost a few myself from watching Applejack's imbecilic performance. Finally, I think these episodes by nature kind of get on my nerves anyway considering, "real talk" warning, most of my childhood has been rather tarnished by my parents keeping me stuffed in the bubble of their household, not allowing me to engage in much activity on my own or with many of my peers without their close supervision or without knowing where I was at any given second of the day. I compensate for it nowadays, but given that I went through that kind of overprotective crap and resent it, I'm not exactly geared to enjoy a TV show reminding me of the idiocy of at least one of my parents. Henceforth, while this episode might have been doomed from the getgo for a relatively low rating from me, there are still serious writing flaws that do prevent it from earning any positive score. I'm giving "Somepony to Watch Over Me" a 4/10. 041b061a72


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