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Angry Birds Rio Pc Full Version Download

On December 11, 2009, Finnish developer Rovio released a casual game called Angry Birds for iOS, which took the mobile gaming world by storm. By October 2010, the game had seen more than 10 million downloads. No one could resist flinging the 'angry' birds, with the help of the slingshot, at the green-coloured pigs, even though it was a paid app.

angry birds rio pc full version download

Seeing the popularity enjoyed by the game, Rovio developed it for Android, Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry smartphones and eventually expanded the games for PC and Mac. Last week, the game, and the popular franchise turned five. Angry Birds has expanded to 12 blockbuster titles. The Rovio website mentions some interesting figures: Since inception, more than 600 billion birds have been flung with one million years of combined play time. The game has been downloaded 2.5 billlion times, Rovio claims.The original game follows a flock of birds furious with the pigs for stealing their eggs. With the help of their slingshot, they plot revenge against the pigs and one has to use their accuracy and aim to destroy the pigs along with their makeshift homes. The game has also generated spin-offs like Bad Piggies, where one has to help the pigs construct vehicles and machines in order to steal the birds' eggs.


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