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The Green Beauty Guide =LINK=

I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary experience you created for me and my team. More importantly, beyond the outstanding technical makeup application education you provided, they also made the valuable connection that taking the time to adorn their faces with color is a way to own their power and love themselves, to practice another version of self care, and to honor their inner beauty with the physical act of appreciating their exterior beauty. Such an important experience that you facilitate for women and totally essential for today's health conscious woman because all the products you use are hormone friendly.

The Green Beauty Guide

Green beauty cosmetics sold in the United States may contain contamination-type levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a toxic class of chemicals linked to a number of serious health conditions, according to a recent consumer study by Mamavation. Bottom line: they are still preferable to conventional makeup, however, indications of levels of PFAS range from brand to brand.

Green beauty products are a staple of the Mamavation community, so when scientists discovered that conventional makeup was contaminated with high levels of PFAS, we started testing green beauty products to be able to make informed recommendations to our audience.

Because PFAS chemicals are ubiquitous, we expected to find them in green beauty cosmetic products, but we were surprised at the amount of contamination we discovered. The levels presented in green beauty cosmetics were similar to what was discovered in conventional makeup. We report these findings to you here with the hopes that these companies will work hard behind the scenes to fix this problem and we can report on improvements later.

Mamavation originally tested 83 beauty products from 49 different green beauty cosmetic brands, mostly mascara and lip products. To determine the concentration samples of each product, we took the median result of all samples that had detectable levels. The median exposure level of all detectable results was 30 ppm. (Today, Mamavation has tested about 116 different products from 63 brands updated in the raw data.)

The most common unit used for water results is ng/L which is the same for parts-per-trillion (ppt). We are investigating green beauty makeup in the parts-per-million (ppm), which is far more exposure to the consumer. Our advisors are concerned about any levels of PFAS above ppt for any product that is to be consumed. In other words, if some of these lipsticks were actually water, they would be restricted in several states in the US. However, very few states have enacted laws to protect consumers from PFAS in beauty products at the levels we are seeing.

As you can see, the results of our investigation paint a concerning picture. How do PFAS get into green beauty products in the first place when they are not intentionally added? We went undercover and interviewed several beauty industry experts to determine how this is likely happening.

Our interest in reporting and organizing consumer studies on PFAS is to inform consumers. Please keep in mind this is a snapshot of green beauty makeup products at one point in time. Our study does not represent every lot of every product. It also will not consistently represent what the consumer is exposed to based on how the cosmetic formulas separate and pool over time. So please expect varying levels from product to product and brand to brand. 041b061a72


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